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Temperature controller

Temperature controller

Temperature controller uni

Product ID: AEO-1

Temperature control unit of AEO-series is for Oil type, can be used to injection molding machine, extrusion molding machine and blow molding machine. We adopt the Circuit Breaker by Merlin Gerin and Arc contact by TELEMEACIQUE, temperature controller by YAMATAKE…etc. and easy to operate by humanize panel and enclosed the draft for reference.

  • Direct Switch on funciton
    • After open the power, the pipe is drained the air before electrothermalon.
  • oil box no heat design
    • oil is heating in the pipe, no in the oil box. Advantage for long life cycle. No generated oil gas interface.
  • Temperature warning alarm
    • when actual temperature setting has a deviation of 2~4(deviation range can be set to automatic), it will trigger the signal lighting and thewarning alarm.
  • Compulsory temperature reduction
    • press this button before shutting down will result a compulsory temperature reducion of the water(oil)
  • Auto draining system
    • press the button of drain water/oil before changing the mold.Make use often AIR to drain out the residual water(oil)totally, for a clean mold.
Power Supply AC220V~440V 50/60HZ
Max. operating Temp. 200
Mini. Operating Temp. Supply oil Temp.+50C
Medium OIL
Heating capacity 9kW
Cooling Capacity 9000Kcal/H/200C
Accuracy of Temp.Control 50
Pump Power 1HP
Pump Max. Flow. Pressure 48L/min 2.6kg/CM2
Max. Power Consumption 10kW
Water Supply Pressure 1kg above
Cooling Water pipe 1/2" PT
Heat oil pipe 1in 1 out-1"
Drain Oil pipe 3/8" PT
Oil Tank Capacity 7L
Dimensions L*W*H 700*300*750MM
Weight 70kg
Contact Detail
Contact:Ms. Debby Lin
Address:No. 11, Lane 318, Chia Feng Road, Tantzu Dist Taichung City, 427 Taiwan