Hydraulic Cutting

Product ID: AQ-80

To feed the huge material into the crusher easier, needs to cut them be fit size before feeding. To avoid the metal be feed by installing magent separateing function. To avoid dusty during crushing by installing dusty arrestor. To avoid blades blunt by installingblades gringing machine. Above auxiliary equipment was indispensable for plastic molding system.

Power 10HP 15HP
Pressure 86-110kg‧f/c㎡ 86-103kg‧f/c㎡
Output 15ton 30ton
Cutting Width 800mm 800mm
Cutting Travel 600mm 600mm
Cutting Time 35sec 40sec
Cylinder Diameter DØ150*dØ80mm DØ150*dØ80mm
Cylinder Number 1 2

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